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You guys know the value of that green stuffing. That color, that smell… everyone gets water in the mouth when they find it.  

Thinking about these people crazy about that green stuffing that Zomo Paper is launching its alfalfa silk. In addition to being 100% natural and organic, it is really green, because of the chlorophyll in alfalfa present in the paper. Now your joint will be greener, from the stuffing to the cover! 

The entire Zomo Paper Alfalfa line comes from certified ecological alfalfa cultivation and its production uses 100% clean energy, so we help our planet to stay greener, too!  

Zomo Paper silks, the Alfalfa line is also produced with French paper, recognized worldwide for its very high purity and quality.  

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Mini is now Black!

Mini Black is the newest rolling paper in our classic line, perfect for the ones who enjoy a good smoke.  Zomo paper brings this product for those who love a quick and easy session without stressing too much with preparations.  All the products in the classic line use the thinnest French paper with the highest […]

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We Launched Natural Monster: The Silk Of Millions

Get ready cause the best has arrived! Our Natural line has gained a new member. For the brothers who like a bomb, we launched the new Natural Monster!  With the quality that characterizes Zomo, this giant silk is for those who care about nature. Made with 100% organic paper free from chemicals and additives, it’s […]

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