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‘Mar Vermelho’ opening event was full of emotion and adrenaline

I wish I could go back in time. On October 10th, in a joint venture, ‘Mar Vermelho’ team and I opened their new sk8 park. It was gr8. We organized a competition for two categories: Amateur and Old School. And wow, those guys were not kidding, man. Unbelievable maneuvers and challenges that brought adrenaline and made our day.

In the Amateur category, the winners were: in third place, Diogo “Bola”; in second place, Rafael “Caju”; and, in first place, the outstanding João Yamasita, who got not only the trophy but also a personalized shape from Zomo Paper. And here are the winners of the Old School category: in third place, Marcelo Yamasita, in second place Waldo, and in the very first place was Rodrigo Bays, who also got a personalized Zomo Paper shape.

The awards ceremony was especially significant to Juliana de Camargo Fabrini, who gave the first prize to her own son, João Yamasita, and the third prize to her husband, Marcelo Yamasita. A touching moment we recorded ‘live’ on our YouTube channel so that people at home could enjoy the event together with us.

So, check out the video below to watch the event’s highlights. Access the link to see the photos of that wonderful day.


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