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Zomo Paper promotes reopening of ‘Mar Vermelho Skate Park’

Zomo Paper means fun all the time. Next Saturday we will reopen the ‘Mar Vermelho Skate Park’ in Londrina, where you’ll be able to enjoy a new skate track in an incredible celebration.

As we still cannot be together in large groups (btw, we miss you all guys), the reopening won’t be open to the public. But to please everyone who’s practising social distancing, we’ll get fans to follow the whole event directly from our page on Instagram (@zomopaper) and on our YouTube channel (@zomooficial).

There will be a Best Trick championship, for Amateur and Old School categories, as well as a lot of music and graffiti. Now, get ready for the best, what everyone loves… we’ve planned several draws for those who are following the live event. So, click here to access our channels and follow this great event, straight from home, on October 10th, at 4.30 p.m Brazilian Time.

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Zomo Paper launches colored rolling paper

It was the one you were missing out, right? Zomo has just launched the very product you were looking for. Perfect Pink is the new thing when it comes to pink rolling papers. It doesn’t smell and, above all, its natural material helps taste the real flavor. This will provide you with the real trip […]

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Tips and booklets in one pack? Zomo Paper has launched it!

Now yeah, Zomo Paper has the Perfect Black Pack for you. Welcome Perfect  Pack, which brings your fave booklet together with tips, so you can better enjoy your sesh.  You demanded, Zomo Paper developed it. It fits perfectly in your bag and will be enough for hanging out.  No more problems  No more package ripping […]

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