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So, did you ask for a sustainable line?

Welcome the Hemp line! This line features the famous hemp fiber paper, in other words rolling paper made from marijuana itself. It is free of psychoactive substances and widely used to produce paper as well as other items in a sustainable way.

This new line provides a 100% organic experience. Besides being free of chemicals, additives, and psychoactive substances, it’s super resistant and can be recycled seven to eight times. That’s everything I prayed for; you know?!

Here are some curious facts about this wonder, which I want for yesterday:

  • The first flag of the United States was made with hemp fiber.
  • Tiny Napoleon Bonaparte once tried to invade Russian Arctic lands to search for the desired and long-awaited hemp plantation in that country.
  • Great 17th and 19th-century artists used canvases made from hemp.
  • Hemp was used to make essential items such as hats, clothes, shoes, bags and even decorative pieces, furniture and upholstery.
  • Hemp seed is a great source of calcium, iron, and protein. It is considered a superfood, rich in Omega 3. Vegetarians and vegans already use its milk version as a way to replace traditional milk.
  • Oh, and there’s more to it. You’ll be able to appreciate more than the items produced with hemp. Hemp can also be found in cosmetic products to treat acne, inflammation, psoriasis, and eczema.

Hemp has a wide range of benefits and, let me tell you something: this line is awesome. So, order your Hemp line product now, at your favorite headshop.

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