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Zomo Paper launches colored rolling paper

It was the one you were missing out, right? Zomo has just launched the very product you were looking for.

Perfect Pink is the new thing when it comes to pink rolling papers. It doesn’t smell and, above all, its natural material helps taste the real flavor. This will provide you with the real trip when smoking your joint.

The new product is part of the Classic Line, which has a full range of flavors for all tastes.

Come on and check it out in your favorite head shop. Can’t you find Zomo Paper next to you? Click on ‘Find Zomo’ and you will find the registered head shops that sell it.

For y’all

The times when boys wore blue and girls wore pink are over. Perfect Pink is for you all out there!

It is for the ones who like a more colorful and stylish session. For those who enjoy smoking their joints taking neat photos and who make the ultimate effort to take their best shots.

Come and be Pink yourself.

Classic Line

The Classic Line is bleached, color-free and has ultrafine papers for a top-notch smoking experience.

It has rolling papers for all tastes. No matter if you like pinners or fattys, there are small and large ones for your choice.

You can also find packs that include the booklet and the tips to enhance your experience.

Come dive into the most complete of all lines.

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