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Zomo Paper: Official sponsor of Pot In Rio

Zomo took part in another large event: Pot In Rio. An annual event that presents relevant issues and reveals what’s happening in the cannabis world offering theme activities on varied topics throughout the day. Pot In Rio has been held in Rio de Janeiro for over ten years and is one of the largest on that topic in Brazil. Zomo Paper, together with its team, could not be left out of this cause.

The event took place at ‘Fundição Progresso’. A historic-cultural place in Rio, Brazil, ‘Fundição Progresso’ is the largest independent cultural center in the country. It is open to all cultural expressions and aims to transform society through art, culture, education and the environment. No place could be as perfect as that for an event whose theme is still a controversial issue in Brazil.

Such an important event needs the support of brands that are part of the cannabis market. That’s why we were honored to be the official sponsor of that event. We realize that the more support those kinds of events have, the sooner society will understand that the cannabis world can bring a lot of benefits to everyone.

At Zomo’s stand no one stopped for a single minute due to the several activities we offered. It was, in fact, one of the most innovative stands of the event. One of the attractions was a skateboarding championship: we set up a rink in our stand to host a championship with 20 local professionals. There were two advanced-level categories: men and women. The championship attracted a huge audience that watched several insane skateboard tricks. The winners of each category were:

Women: 1st Place: Jessica – 2nd Place: Camila – 3rd Place: Rochelle

Men: 1st Place: Leo – 2nd Place: Pivete – 3rd Place: Chaveirinho

Judges: Mauricio Nava, Marcelo Herdade, Marcello Gouvea.

Invited Judges: Leo and Thito (‘Canal Umdois’), David (‘Canal Cannabis 3D’), Cezar Zion and Molusco.

What’s more, Zomo offered other super cool actions such as cask art, exclusive gifts and the participation of big names from the Brazilian cannabis world like Canal Umdois, Molusco and Canal 3D to bounce ideas and chat with the public.

We’d like to thank the organizers and congratulate them on the professionalism and dedication to make another successful event. See you soon, at the next Pot In Rio! Check the best moments of Pot In Rio in the video:

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