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Find the nearest Zomo Paper

It’s here! Now it’s easy to find your favorite Zomo Paper. Our website has a specific area designed for tobacco stores and headshops, from all over the country, to register on our Find Zomo map.

You’ll find all sorts of information, from tobacco stores from all over the country, to headshops that sell online, everything to make sure you can get Zomo Paper. So, there you are, relaxing, unaware of where to get our Paper, all you gotta do is follow this link to find the nearest store to get Zomo Paper. https://www.zomopaper.com/en/find-zomo-paper/

If you own a headshop or tobacco store and want to be “Found” on our social media, follow this link and register your store. We’ll add it to our map and flag you as a Zomo Paper retailer. It’s super simple and quick to register.

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So, did you ask for a sustainable line?

Welcome the Hemp line! This line features the famous hemp fiber paper, in other words rolling paper made from marijuana itself. It is free of psychoactive substances and widely used to produce paper as well as other items in a sustainable way. This new line provides a 100% organic experience. Besides being free of chemicals, […]

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‘Mar Vermelho’ opening event was full of emotion and adrenaline

I wish I could go back in time. On October 10th, in a joint venture, ‘Mar Vermelho’ team and I opened their new sk8 park. It was gr8. We organized a competition for two categories: Amateur and Old School. And wow, those guys were not kidding, man. Unbelievable maneuvers and challenges that brought adrenaline and […]

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